“Just wanted to say a big thank you to you for the fantastic set you did last night at the Strutts Live and Local music event. You could feel the positive vibes coming from our audience who obviously appreciated the great mix of songs and stories on offer.” (Organiser)

“It was one of the most enjoyable events I have attended for a very long time, my soul fed and enriched. I loved hearing you sing... I hope to be able to attend more of your events and hear you sing again, as well as learn more about storytelling. Honestly, I cannot overstate the contribution that this event has made to my life at the moment and how important it was to connect with a lovely group of people and be in such an atmosphere. I was reminded of the rich, deep cultural heritage of this country, which sometimes feels so lost these days, the evening touched my heart. Thank-you. Please keep up the good work.” (audience member)

“The self-styled 'storyteller who sings half his stories' returns with a typically convivial programme of mainly songs with a couple of short stories and a dance instrumental thrown in. Pete's latterly celebrated 30 years as a folk professional, and he's achieved this longevity through a combination of genuine talent, integrity and sheer hard work, reliably ploughing his own steady furrow where tradition is the starting-point for his own musical exploration rather than a constraint on his imagination. Although the true extent of Pete's prowess and the full measure of his easygoing nature necessarily comes through best in live performance, his CDs have always been a source of delight and have satisfied enough to be returned to more often than you might think.” (Dave Kidman; re Poor Old Horse)

"A master of English folk music." (Topic folk club, Bradford)

"One of the finest traditional singers in the country." (Orpington folk club)

"Since the folk revival began some singers have, of course, carried a torch for English music... Martin Carthy, Shirley Collins and Nic Jones are names that spring readily to mind.... Pete Castle is a worthy follower in that tradition." (Howard Baker: Living Tradition)

"Using the tradition as a springboard not a straightjacket." (Rock'n'Reel)

"I'm still a bit muckstruck that Pete, after all the years he`s been knocking around the folk scene, can produce such fresh and fresh sounding material and performances..." Eric Winter: Buzz

"Pete Castle is just the most listenable male traditional singer we know..." (FOCSLE Southampton )

"This chap is a veritable boon to have at your festival. He sings well, is a brilliant storyteller, a good MC and a superb all-round performer. I wouldn't be surprised if he could even juggle." (But he can't!) (Chippenham Folk Festival)

"He doesn't set out to rock 'em in the aisles; he simply presents a wide choice of songs and stories and the discerning amongst us recognise the love he has for his work."
Doug Porter, Folk On

Reminded me a lot of what Robin Williamson used to do." (Traditional Music Maker)

"It was fantastic to see you again and hear you sing and play in your oh so distinctive style. Your charm and humility is so heart-warming in these days of brash incompetence!!!" (Mim Erasmus (nee Backhouse)

"With material from England - and beyond, the songs and yarns deal with truth and lies, the serious and the humorous, and the down-right thought provoking. This truly engaging show is guaranteed to entertain the whole family." (Buxton Festival Fringe)

"As the evening passed the friendly atmosphere grew, the visiting expert Pete Castle, armed with his guitar and a battery of stories, had even us newcomers joining in... By the end of the night we were converts, both wide eyed and wide eared!" (Tales at the Trip review.)

"That was the best thing I've ever seen!" (Barmaid at Twickenham Folk Club)

"You really had us spell-bound" (Audience member at Buxton Festival)

“He has a natural way with all groups and can easily tell age appropriate stories for children from 4 up to our oldest 11. He is never phased and if a child knows a particular story he can quite simply change the direction of the story to tell a completely different story without anyone noticing the change… It was obvious from watching him that he had all their attention with many completely within the story that he was telling.” (Graham Holloway, Education Manager, Wicksteed Park)

“With his quiet understated voice and manner Pete sings out with the voice of traditional English folk music.” (WMA)

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