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Songs, tunes & stories from Derby & Derbyshire
Keith Kendrick, Pete Castle, Roy Harris, Derrick Hale

The Derby Ram, Keith Kendrick
West End, Best End, Pete Castle
All Through the Ale, Roy Harris
London, Derrick Hale
Ey Up Mi Duck, Keith Kendrick
Pretty Peg of Derby-O, Pete Castle
One More Dance & Then, Derrick Hale
The Derby Ram, Roy Harris
6 Jolly Miners, Pete Castle
Tha Looks a Proper Swell, Keith Kendrick
Wild Young Stenson, Roy Harris
The Black Boy, Derrick Hale
The Derbyshire Miller, Pete Castle
Derbyshire Morris Medley, Keith Kendrick
Hannah Baddeley (story) Roy Harris
There Are No Coal Mines in the Sky (monologue) Keith Kendrick
The Cotton Mills Now at Cromford, Pete Castle

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