Climate Change & Get A Word in Edgeways by Mike Rust
Every Stone Tells a Story (about Easter Island) by Davina Malcolm
A Tall Figure in Long Dark Clothes—the Plague in Edinburgh by Leslie Rose
Zooming About by Kath Chalk
Developing Your Craft & Growth as a Storyteller by Janet Dowling
Centrefold Story: Fairies or No Fairies; from Ireland
The Rollright Stones: Revering the Ancestors by Fiona Dowson
Truth Telling (what do we believe on social media) by neil Ruckman
Old Tales—Modern Times by Maja Bumberak
Disfigured: an extended review by Pete Castle of the book by Amanda Leduk

Reviews of:
Folk Tales of Song & Dance by Pete Castle
Irish Animal Folk Tales for Children by Doreen McBride
Finn and the Fianna by Daniel Allison
Longford Folk Tales by Philip Byrne

Plus all the usual bits: News, What’s On, Letters, An Eye on the Media etc


F&F aims to cover every aspect of the art of storytelling from straight forward traditional storytelling for entertainment (with both adults and children, at home and abroad) through the uses of stories in education and health; storytelling in personal development and in the world’s various religions, to related art forms like folk ballads, theatre and (occasionally) written stories. Not all aspects will be covered in every edition of course, but they will over a period of time.
Each issue of the magazine is different. Some will have a theme, some will cover a miscellany of topics.
Every edition includes a news and what’s on section; letters; reviews of performances, recordings and books; a look at the media; a selection of stories; and, of course a wide range of articles by many leading storytellers.
Although UK based F&F has subscribers in many parts of the world and often carries articles about telling in distant places.