I have done one live gig so far this year—the same I did in the whole of 2021!

Now I have a healthy number in my diary and more coming in for later in the year. So things are looking up!


Saturday 26th February I will be doing a two-hander just up the road at THE QUEENS HEAD in BELPER. I’m sharing the night with my good mate PETE MORTON.

Pete is well known as a singer-songwriter—he writes some really good stuff with its feet planted firmly in the tradition. I’ll do my usual selection of traditional songs and stories and we are planning to do a few together at the end, which will be fun.

If you don’t know Pete look at https://www.petemorton.com/

For more info contact Mike Jones mjones572@hotmail.co.uk


the second in what will probably be an occasional series of ZOOM concerts in aid of FACTS & FICTION storytelling magazine, which I edit.

Thursday 3rd March at 7.30pm (UK time) My guest this time will be British born but Germany based storyteller RICHARD MARTIN who was featured in the November 2021 issue of the magazine. Richard works all over Europe and beyond but rarely in UK so it’s a good chance to see and hear him. By coincidence our repertoires share a lot of stories. I will also put in a couple of songs, we’ll have a short chat and there will be the opportunity to ask questions.

The show will be dedicated to long term F&F supporter and contributor Jill Lamede who is very ill in hospital.

Richards’ web site: https://www.tellatale.eu/

For tickets (£5) and Zoom link http://: https://www.musicglue.com/tenterdenfolkfestival/tickets/

Then through the SPRING I have a variety of ‘talks’ to various localish groups (my talks usually take the form of a set of songs and stories with just a bit more explanation and talk than usual in a concert). One I’m particularly looking forward to is a local history group at Cuckney in Nottinghamshire. I did a project at the junior school there more than 20 years ago and wrote the song Edward Pepper as part of it, so it will be good to sing that in its home.

FOLK TALES OF SONG & DANCE is, of course, the title of my latest book and I’m also doing a ZOOM concert with the same title in July for The Infected Museum in London. More details nearer the time.

Later on some of those which were held over from the end of 2021 (some of the same ones which were held over from the end of 2020!) might eventually happen!