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If you run a folk club or are involved with Village Hall entertainments; if you are a teacher or a librarian or if you may be interested in using Pete in any way, as either a musician or a storyteller, whilst he is in your area then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. He’s always willing to consider opportunities and to do a deal on fees, particularly if it’s a ‘good cause’ or something different and interesting.

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  • THE GREEN ONE June 30, 2019
    MY GREEN CREDENTIALSI’m a folk singer, storyteller and writer and most of my songs and stories are traditional. There are quite a few trad tales about people who get into trouble by doing what they are told! Often they take what is said too literally or misunderstand. That is basically what this is all about. We […]
  • HERE BE DRAGONS! June 8, 2019
    DRAGON, DRAKE, FIREDRAKE, WYVERN,SERPENT, WORM, WURM, WYRM, LINDWORMDragons, or dragon-like creatures, can be found in almost every mythology in the world. They have been with us since time began. No-one knows where the original idea came from or what inspired it although there are many theories which range from an inherited, species-wide genetic fear of […]
  • TURPIN WAS A HERO March 22, 2019
    With my hero, Turpin was a hero, He was a valious Turpin-O.Everyone knows of Dick Turpin. If you mention ‘highwaymen’ he is the one who comes to mind. There are several traditional songs about him and it seems that just about every pub in the country claims to have been visited by him! His most famous […]
  • HAUNTED MINES February 7, 2019
    Ghostly lead miners and underground battles—lead mining in Derbyshire.T'owd man, carving of a lead minerOne of the most iconic images of Derbyshire is the lead miner. Lead has been mined in the county since Roman times, and probably before. The lead miner is a common character in the folklore of the county—particularly in stories like […]
  • A CORE REPERTOIRE January 17, 2019
    Songs we should all know. When I started going to folk clubs in the late 60s there were certain songs which you could guarantee to hear almost every time—so often that, although they might have been decent songs, they became boring. The Wild Rover became notorious and eventually everyone stopped singing it; Will You Go […]
    10 of my favourite tracks from Europe: A few months ago I did a Blog Post about 10 records which had influenced me as a musician. They were a mixture of all kinds of genres from my teenage forays into pop and blues through folk revivalists and a sprinkling of what could be called ’World […]
    THE YOUNG SAILOR CUT DOWN IN HIS PRIMEThis post came about because of a conversation I had with a friend who is a jazz expert. There is not much he doesn't know about the subject, particularly the older styles and artists. I happened to put on a recording of Louis Armstrong playing St James Infirmary […]
  • 10 ALBUMS - which formed my musical self September 16, 2018
    Without these 10 albums I would not be me.There was a thing happening on Facebook recently where musicans were invited to post 10 influential albums over 10 days. These were mine:I'll write a bit more here and add some You Tube links as well: 1 Martin Carthy: Sweet WivelsfieldHere is my first one and it will […]
  • A DOCTOR'S LIFE (1888) July 27, 2018
    The NHS: been and gone in a lifetime?Programme cover Back in the early 1980s, when we lived in Luton, I was doing research on Bedfordshire folk songs and I came across something called 'A Christmas Merrymaking in the Oldenew Times' written in 1888 by a Mr H.O.Williams for the Parish Church Yuletide Festivities. It was […]
  • A CALL TO HONEST LIARS July 2, 2018
    Is it time for storytellers and folk singers to man the barricades, to stand up and be counted, to provide a real opposition to what it happening in this mad world of ours, rather than to continue to be ‘nice’ in public and just complain by posting harmless messages on Facebook and similar?"Folk Music is […]