A British/Transylvanian folk fusion
“A fascinating document of a musical love affair between two seemingly diverse cultures.” Dave Haslam:Rock’N’Reel



‘Lucy Castle is no stranger to the ideas in circulation in the world of ethnomusicology. However to the amazement of the many scholars with whom she has come in to contact in the course of her visits to Maramures, instead of just accepting their precious advice and theories, she apprenticed herself to a local folk musician of national and international renown, the matchless singer and zongora player loan Pop. Together they have gained a following in Romania through their performances locally at weddings and parties in Maramures, and nationally at concerts and on radio and TV. More recently the appearance of the first POPELUC cassette, on which they are joined by Lucy’s father Pete Castle, in pirate versions at markets all over Maramures, has increased the wonder with which they are received, both by the enthusiastic locals and the experts alike. POPELUC are not the first to try to get to grips with this music. For years various French, Swedish and American performers, amongst others, have tried, but in vain. POPELUC, however have succeeded, and have won the hearts of the Romanian people who now listen seriously and attentively with real love doubled by respect. Perhaps there is something in the thought that there may be some kind of in-built compatibility between the musics of Romania and the British isles. Could it be the influence of the Celts who are present to differing degrees in the genealogies of our peoples?”
Speranta Radelescu (ethnomusicologist: Museum of the Romanian Peasant)

Track Listing

Iza Valley Medley
Unde aud cucu cintind
When I Hear the Cuckoo Calling
De baut ca ia ieud
Ma graie lumea pin sat
Horea miresii
Jocul steagului
Jack Orion/Barbatesc din Sapenta
Dupa una beau si doua
Live invirtitas
Sarac inima mea

Featuring Artists

Pete Castle, vocals, guitar, doba; Lucy Castle, fiddle (cetera); Ioan Pop, vocals, zongora, cetera, braci, doba and dancing;