Recently someone played a track from my old LP ‘Rambling Robin’ on the radio in USA. It inspired me to dig out and play both the LPs I made back in the 1980s for the first time for many years and I was pleasantly surprised.


This was very well received at the time and sold well. It did a lot towards getting me established on the folk scene (I had gone full time about 4 years before).


My second LP came two years later, was not as well received and didn’t sell as well—but that was more down to the record company than to myself! My memory of it was that it wasn’t as good as it should have been but, when I listened the other day, I found it is! The improvement from the previous one is huge. It shows the effects of two years of solid touring.

When we moved house last year a few of each came to light so I thought I’d offer them for sale. Just for the cost of the postage. So either LP (or both!) will cost you £3 in UK (I’ll have to find out about postage costs elsewhere.) I’m not going to bother about posting them in the SHOP so if you’d like to buy just contact me and I’ll tell you how to pay—it could be Pay Pal or a cheque.

RAMBLING ROBIN (Burlington 013)

With Jez Lowe and Rob Whalley recorded by Nigel Pegrum

Rambling Robin

Little Sir Hugh

Oxford City

Canst Thou Not Weave Bonelace

The Other Side of Jordan

May Song

The Devil & the Farmer’s Wife

The Swan Swims So Bonny O

The Mare and the Foal


My Son John

Roll the Cotton Down




With Rob Whalley and Trevor James recorded by Colin Whyles

Punk’s Delight

When This Old Hat Was New

The Cottager’s Complaint

Bruton Town

Ground for the Floor

The Lousy Tailor

David Oliwarle

The Hand Weaver & the Factory Maid

The Factory Girl

Peggy Walker

Punk’s Delight (The New Way)