My bookings for November/December. Some are definite ‘Christmas Shows’ the others aren’t although I’ll include some seasonal items, I expect.

Friday 18th November TALES AT THE TABLE, The Red Lion, Birchover, Derbys. (see previous post for details) A meal plus songs and stories about food, the season and Derbyshire. SOLD OUT!

Three private events for members of the organisations:

Friday 2nd December: Derby Stroke Club: a bit of everything.

Thursday 8th December: Penistone W.I. Christmas Traditions.

Wednesday 21st December: Brampton & Walton TWG: Derbyshire Christmas etc.

And then we start again in the New Year with:


Zoom:  Wednesday 5th January 2023 (Twelfth Night)  8pm

Pete Castle’s ‘sort of’ Christmas Show. A traditional, secular, left wing, alternative Christmas show based around traditional songs and stories. There will be the odd carol, and perhaps a mention of Father Christmas and presents, but much more about poor people going guising to raise money to buy their Christmas dinner.

For the poor the whole of the Christmas period was difficult and they needed to go guising, or mumming, or hoodening or whatever else they called it locally—perhaps just carol singing—to survive. For the better-off Christmas did last a whole 12 Days with partridges in pear trees and lords a-leaping. Christmas Day itself used to be just a holy day, the main day for celebrations and presents was 12th Night so that’s when we will celebrate.

Bring a bottle of your favourite tipple and some left-over Christmas cake and join Pete for a ‘different’ Christmas event which will include several of his favourite and most popular stories.

The event will be hosted by Tenterden Folk festival. Tickets are £5 and all profits will go to the Disasters Emergency Committee ( ) for use in whatever appeals they are concentrating on at the time.

Get your tickets from: