A Zoom event for 12th Night by Pete Castle

THURSDAY 5th JANUARY 2023  at 8pm UK time

Bring a bottle of your favourite tipple and some left-over Christmas goodies, turn the heating on if you can afford it, or snuggle up in a duvet if not, and join Pete for a ‘different’ Christmas event which will include several of his favourite and most popular stories and songs.

It will be secular, left wing, alternative Christmas show based around traditional songs and stories. It will include the odd carol, and perhaps a mention of Father Christmas and presents, but much more of it will be about poor people going guising to raise money to buy their Christmas dinner. But, don’t worry, it won’t be all doom and gloom, there will be plenty of laughs as well although there probably won’t be  Lord of Misrule, unless the Zoom gremlins show up!

In the past the whole of the Christmas period was difficult for the poor and they needed to go guising, or mumming, or hoodening, or whatever else they called it locally—perhaps just carol singing—to survive.

For the better-off, Christmas did last the whole 12 Days with partridges in pear trees and lords a-leaping. Christmas Day itself was just a holy day, the main day for celebrations and presents was 12th Night so that’s when we will celebrate.

The event will be hosted by Tenterden Folk Festival.

Tickets are £5 with the option of paying £10 if there will be more than one of you watching or if you just want to donate to charity. (But that is optional.) ALL profits will go to the Disasters Emergency Committee ( https://www.dec.org.uk/ ) for use in whatever appeals they are concentrating on at the time.

Get your tickets from: https://www.musicglue.com/tenterdenfolkfestival/tickets/