These are strange times we are living through—strange, rather frightening, but also with a hint that things might turn out for the best. We are already hearing that the air quality is improving because there is little transport; birds are set to have a record year because their nest sites are being undisturbed; countries (some anyway) seem to be putting aside their differences and co-operating. Let’s hope they don’t just go back to the old ways afterwards. It’s going to be hard for a lot of people though.

Like almost every other folk singer/storyteller in the world I now have an almost empty diary until the autumn. (There is still one gig in June but I won’t hold my breath about that!) Let’s hope we can get cracking in the autumn. We’ll all be rested and raring to go. Live performances! Hooray!

I got the May issue of Facts & Fiction storytelling magazine finished early because it had a lot of very good, very current material in it. Just for this time (I hope) I haven’t produced a proper, paper magazine but just sent out a pdf to all the subscribers. Back to normal in August, I hope. (Have a look at the page on this web site to find out more about it.)

I have also just about finished my new book for The History Press—Folk Tales of Song & Dance and I’m really pleased with it. But THP are closed until further notice and most of the publications for this year will probably be late, so when it will come out I have no idea. I was supposed to get it in in May for publication before Christmas.

So that’s it. I hope you are surviving and making the best of it. And I hope to see you when we all start again. Meanwhile you could browse my You Tube page (there’s a link above) where you will find a lot of videos and slide shows of both song and story.