Seasonal Greetings from Pete Castle

Wherever you are let’s hope you have a good year and that circumstances beyond our control (climate, governments, the economy, health etc) don’t spoil it.

I used to send out irregular newsletters (Line-O) to keep you informed about the work I was doing and gigs coming up. They have, sort of, gradually faded away as I am doing fewer public performances in my old age! I still do the occasional ‘proper’ performance but I am doing a lot more small ‘talks’ for local groups—although those talks usually consist of a bit of chat between songs and stories, so not much changes. The main difference is that they are usually not open to the general public, just members of whatever organisation it is.

It keeps my hand in though and I would hate to give up entirely.

When I do a ‘proper’ gig it is quite a thrill and I get a great feeling of satisfaction—I can still do it!

Facts & Fiction storytelling magazine, which I’ve now edited for 20 years, goes from strength to strength. We have a very loyal base of subscribers, some of whom have been with us from the start, and there is a growing number of subscribers from overseas—all over the world!

And as they very often submit articles we get a good variety of subjects and reports.

My books are selling well still and I’ve just started on number 4: Folk Tales of Song & Dance—still for The History Press. It will be stories which include or depend on songs or dances as part of the plot so all those stone circles which were dancers who didn’t stop before midnight; wandering minstrels; demonic fiddle players etc. There are some really good ones to choose from and I’ll include a few ballads as well. It should be out by Christmas 2020—so there’s next years Christmas present sorted!

In the coming year I have some regular events already pencilled in, a couple of ‘Christmas Shows’ for next December(!) and a course on English Folk Songs for the local U3A in January/February—so I won’t get bored!

Keep in touch and, you never know, we might bump into each other some time this year. If we do make sure you came and introduce yourself!